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Counselling Services

I offer three different types of sessions as explained below. The fees for sessions are explained here. If you aren't sure which type of session would suit you best, then please feel free to contact me.

I typically start with an introductory session where I explain more about the counselling process.

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Couple Sessions

As we work together, I will help you as couple to begin to make sense of what is going on for you, and decide the best way forward.

We will find more effective ways to communicate, reduce the conflict in your relationship and begin to understand one another better.

We will unravel some of the misunderstandings and hurts and begin to talk about difficult things in a way which is constructive and helpful.

We may consider how the past might be affecting the present, and plan ways in which the future could be different.

My focus is always to help you in a way which enables you to feel in control of the outcomes of your counselling.

Individual Sessions

Clients often attend individual sessions for a myriad of reasons.
You may be:
·         Anxious or depressed
·         Struggling with work pressures
·         Living with coercion and control
·         Considering an affair
·         Worried about a child
·         Reviewing your life
Whatever your concern, individual counselling creates a space for reflection, support and the change you are seeking.

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Child/Teen and Family Sessions

Whilst I will sometimes work directly with individual children, I often find that working with the family as a whole is more effective. After all, what I can achieve in an hour with a young person, when facilitated effectively, can be implemented 24/7 as part of your family dynamics.

I may work directly with you as parents or individually, and also include some sessions with your young person or as a family unit.

At the beginning, I may act as a ‘bridge’ between members of the family with a view to stepping away, as your family feel more confident communicating and managing the changes you are seeking.

My personal philosophy tends to be that if you ‘lift the bonnet’ on any human being there remains a ‘little person’ inside. As a result, my work with young people is rooted in the same theories as my work with adults. It is simply communicated in a child friendly, language appropriate and developmentally effective manner

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