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How many sessions will it take to make things better?

There is no definitive answer to this one. I have seen some clients for 6 sessions and others for more than 20 sessions. The numbers of sessions that you choose to attend depends on the nature of the issue to be resolved and your commitment to changing the situation. Individuals, families and couples who arrive at counselling with a motivation to work at change tend to move on more quickly than those who are less motivated.

Will I have the opportunity to talk to you on my own?

My preferred way of working is to see the couple or family together for our initial session and then individually before returning for further sessions together. In this way, I better understand individual positions and the work can progress at a quicker rate.

Would you talk to my partner or anyone else about what we say?

You may attend counselling as an individual, couple or family but it is ethical to treat you as an individual client within your relationship. This means that what we discuss on our own will be considered confidential and will not be repeated to other people in your relationship. Client confidentiality would only be broken if I became concerned for your own or for someone else’s safety. Should this situation occur, I would discuss my concerns with you along with my thoughts about a responsible course of action.

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