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Additional Needs Clients

Clients with Additional/Special Needs

I offer expertise in working with young people and their families, many of whom may be experiencing SEN difficulties as part of their lives.

Having begun work as a teaching assistant at a school for children who had been excluded from primary school; before qualifying as a teacher; Special Needs Coordinator and finally Assistant Head, I have seen and heard most things, so I am pretty unshockable!

My knowledge of child development and the day-to-day experience of many SEN challenges is extensive.

Sometimes I work directly with individual children/teens, however I tend to find that working with the family as a whole is more effective. After all, what I can achieve in an hour with a young person, when facilitated effectively, can be implemented 24/7 as part of your family dynamics.

My personal philosophy tends to be that if you ‘lift the bonnet’ on any human being there remains a ‘little person’ inside. As a result, my work with young people is rooted in the same theories as my work with adults. It is simply communicated in a child friendly, language appropriate and developmentally effective manner.

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